Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adventures into Cloth Diapering!!

Before I was pregnant I was reading a blog called The Bee Hive on this blog she talks about cloth diapers for more information click here.  I remember clearly thinking I could never do cloth diapers and that it was something that was just too gross for me.  While I was pregnant my sister in law started to use cloth diapers also and I saw just how easy it was to do and the amount of saving that could really add up.  My husband and I are doing the Dave Ramsey program and are really on a budget so the thought of having to put $20 a week in the budget just for diapers was not an option.  I figured it up and it basically costs $20.00  a week for diapers and if you figure that she is going to be in diapers for at least 2 years that would be $2080!!!  That would be if she was potty trained at 2 years old which could not be true.   My husband and I decided to do the cloth diapers while I was still pregnant and I got a couple from the baby showers.  Now that my daughter is here I am so amazed how many diapers that she can go through in a day!!  I never really knew how many it could be and I am so thankful that now she is big enough to be in them. She is 2 months old and now she has finally gotten up to 10 pounds.  They seem a bit big on her but the good thing is that I can finally start putting her in the 0-3 month cloths as opposed to the newborn clothes because the diapers are a bit bulkier then regular diapers :)

  We are using the bumgenius diapers.  This one shown is the bum genius 4.0 for more information about this one click here.  These are good for night time since they have two liners so it absorbs better then the other kind I use.  This helps to prevent diaper rash (which FYI for diaper rash just put a little breast milk on the rash for a day or so and it goes away :) The other kind of diaper that I use is  the bumGenius elemental (it used to be called the all in one organic diaper) which is made with organic cotton.   For more info click here.  This is great for day use since the diaper is changed more often.  I figure that I need about 24 diapers and I have 5 already that were given to me.  On the site the organic diapers are $264.95 for 12 diapers and 6 of the 4.0 diapers for night time for $104.70.  That would be $369.54 for all the diapers that I would need for this baby and the next ones that I may have so........approximately $2000 per child for diapers or approximately $400 for all the diapers that I will need......It seems like a no brainier to me :) Plus the bonus is that she is so cute in her diapers.  I hope that if you are thinking about having a baby or know anyone that is having a baby that you would consider cloth diapering.  It really is easy and does not add that much more laundry.  About a load every other day is all that it would be.  Happy Cloth Diapering!!!
4.0 Cloth diaper

Elemental Organic Diaper

Elemental Organic Diaper

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

Blogging!!  I never thought I would do it but after reading so many others blogs for the past year I thought that this is something I would love to do.  I want this blog to be about my everyday life but I am going to focus a lot on cooking and, of course, my family.  My family consists of my adoring husband and my beautiful daughter who is 7 weeks old right now.  We have been married for a little over a year and it has absolutely flown by.  In that year we have moved to the "mountains" from the bay area, I had our daughter, He started a new job and profession, and we have moved 4 times......It is a crazy life but that is why I wanted to call my blog moments of timeless treasures because each moment goes by so fast and remembering the good and the bad is what makes life so interesting :)

My husband and I love to cook together, that is one of the things that really brings us together.  We have the reputation of being good chefs and love trying new things.  My husband is much more adventurous then I am with trying new things but I have come to love that about him and because of that I have tried many things I probably would have never tried had I not been with him. Some examples are buffalo, bear, and most recently elk meat. These are all things that I would have never tried if he had not asked me to.  Another thing that goes with cooking that I am trying to do with my family is eat as whole, raw, and organic as possible.  I really try to make a lot of what we eat from scratch.  This is not always possible but I am trying and for the most part we do fairly good.   My resolution this year is to try to expand my culinary horizon to include things that are "healthy" but make them actually taste good. That is why I want to blog, I will try out new recipes and put them on here and see how it goes.  Happy New Year to all and I hope this year is filled with moments of timeless treasures!!!