Monday, October 17, 2011

11 Months Old!!

11 Months Old!!

Our little pumpkin is 11 months old today!! It is also Brad and my 2 year anniversary.  For our anniversary my husband took my out to a wonderful dinner on Saturday night and it was the first time that I have left Gracie with anyone but Daddy and she did very good.  It was hard for my but it was really nice to go out with just Brad and not have to worry about Gracie getting loud or making a mess :) It was also so nice to just have "adult" conversation.  I know that so many people think that I am crazy to have not left Gracie for this long but we did what was best for our family and what worked for us. 

 Looking back at the pictures from this past month I can really see little miss personality coming out in the pictures!  I wanted to take her to the pumpkin patch and get pictures for her 1st birthday invitation.  I made her a tutu (because every little girl needs a tutu right???) and she had so much fun!!  Here are some of the other pictures from the pumpkin patch. 

Also this past month we went and visited her Uncle at the winery that he works at and Gracie had so much fun playing in the fountain. 

The next pictures are from a Sunday afternoon where daddy thought she should be dressed accordingly......

And this was from our big night out. 

I cannot believe that in just one month you will be a year old baby girl!!!!  We love you with all our heart :)