Sunday, July 17, 2011

8 Months!!

8 Months Old

My sweet Gracie, I cannot believe that you are already 8 months old!  I woke up this morning and almost got sad that the time is going so quickly but then I heard your sweet "singing" from the crib and I remembered I have the sweetest child ever!!  You are the light of your daddy and my eyes and we love to more each day then the day before even though it is hard to imagine.  

This month you have mastered rolling and figuring out a way to get where you want to be.  You are not quite crawling but I know that any day now you are going to put all the pieces together and crawl......Mommy is not quite ready for that :) You LOVE food of any kind.  There is nothing that you have not really liked.  No teeth yet but it feels like there might be some coming threw soon.   The only thing that is still hard is mommy and daddy are TIRED!!  You are still getting up twice a night!  But I know this time will go so quickly and I will not even remember this :) You also had a very special trip where you cousins, Auntie, and Uncle came to visit.  You had your first trip to the zoo and we had a great time.   We love you pumpkin! Keep Growing!

How my mommies garden grows!

Playing nothing box with daddy

At the zoo

My Cousin and I

"swimming" we did not have a pool but we used what we had

I love daddy

My first 4th of July with my cousin

I LOVE the fireworks

At the zoo

Look I am a butterfly :)

Snuggling with mommy

I got stuck under the chair :(