Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Months Old!!

Gracie and Conner.....Great friends!
 6 Months Old!!

Gracie is just getting bigger and bigger.  She has had a lot of changes this last month.  Gracie is loving food of all kinds, playing with her friends, and "exploring" anything she can get her hands on.  She is almost sitting by herself and rolling from back to front as well as front to back.  I know before long she will be moving.....mommy is not ready for that :) Gracie is getting quite a personality and loves her daddy and momma.  We love you Gracie and adore seeing you grow up! Mommy is treasuring every snuggle because she is already not liking to just sit and snuggle.  Love you always!!!
Daddy and Gracie on a break from our road trip after Easter

Momma and Gracie

Being a rocker girl!

Go Giants!!

These are NEWBORN size clothes!!!  Crazy girl :)

Picking strawberries

Conner and Gracie doing tummy time

Our little monkey

If I could just grab these flowers I would be happy!! My mothers day flowers

What a great Mothers Day