Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Months! (on the 17th :)

 5 Months!!

I am writing this a few days late but I wanted to do a blog with our favorite pictures of the month. One of the big new things this month is eating food!  Gracie had started to show interest in food and so we gave her some and she loves it.  She has had avocado, banana, egg yoke, pureed grass fed beef (it smelled gross but she loved it :) as well as some vegetables.  This is a new thing.  She had her first food the day before she turned 5 months.  It is mostly a social thing now but she just goes mmmmmm the whole time :) The other thing that is new is that we got her ears pierced.  She looks so cute.  On the day she turned 5 months her daddy and I also took her to the beach which was a lot of fun. I also take her swimming once a week and she absolutely loves it.  She lays on her back, goes under water and loves to kick her feet in the pool.  That is the reason for the pictures in her bathing suit below.  One of the last things that she is doing is rolling over from her stomach to her back.....sometimes.  All in all she is such a delight to her daddy and I.   We just love seeing what new things she will learn each day!

First swimsuit......daddy vetoed this one but I think it is so cute :)

Such cute shorts, a hand me down from her cousin

Gracie still fits in the moby wrap....although we really never use it but I did not have by baby bejiorn so that is why it was being used.

Daddy and Gracie

Trying to sit in a highchair.  This did not last for long

Just hanging out and enjoying the sun

A present from my friend for Gracie

Having fun!

I almost have enough hair for a Mohawk!

John deer "boots" that daddy bought at tractor supply

I love my walks every day!

The new swimsuit that I got :)

At the beach for the first time

Fascinated by the sand

Just having fun!