Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Months Old!

4 Months Old 
(and it is the first Saint Patrick's Day)

You are turning into such a joyful little girl to be around.  Some of the new things that you do this month is that you almost sit up (with just a little help :) and you have even turned over from your tummy to your back a couple times.  This is rare though since you do not like being on your tummy.  You have started to giggle which is different then just your laugh.  Also you are starting to sleep a lot better at night, although you are an early bird and want to be up at 5:00 ready to go!  Gracie you are a delight and I cannot wait to see what new things you learn this next month!! Love always Mommy and Daddy

Below are some favorite pictures from this last month
Really Mom!! I am over this photo shoot

My first Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Girl
Hanging with my Grandma sucking my fingers (which is my new favorite thing to do)

Cousin Conner and I hanging out

Is it really bed time???? I am not tired :)

Daddy and I on Momma's birthday

I LOVE my snuggle bear....I have to sleep with it

One of my favorite ways to sleep...It makes Mom and Dad laugh

Sitting up and looking out the window!  I LOVE being outside

Cousin Violet and I....She likes my Binky :)

At Grammie's house with cousin Violet...She has my passifier and I have my fingers....a win, win situation

On my daily walk with mom. I look very cool

I love my diapers apparently.  I was helping mom fold cloths and got into the pile of diapers, snuggled up and drifted right off to sleep